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Our Mission

We are a program of the Tennessee Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (TNAMFT) that seeks to connect our new MFTs in Tennessee with our members with experience and/or a desire to mentor Tennessee's up and coming MFTs and graduate students. 

For fully licensed TNAMFT members, we are asking you to sign-up in the "Become a Mentor" section if you are interested in helping new therapist members of our organizations as they are starting in their careers. Mentoring could mean one-on-one with new therapists, but it could also being will to help in other ways such as giving professional presentations. We are not asking for a specific time commitment from potential mentors and you are not barred for charging your typical fees for supervision and the like (though we do ask that you be willing to set aside at least some time to help emerging professionals in a non-supervisor role at no cost). All potential mentors must be active TNAMFT members. We will set up a free profile for you on this website that only our members will be able to see and allow students and/or new therapists to contact you directly. You do not need to have a particular expertise or decades of experience to mentor. Only a desire to strengthen and grow our profession in Tennessee by investing in new clinicians.

For student and/or other pre-clinical members of TNAMFT, we are asking you to sign-up in the "Be a Mentee & Volunteer" section if you are interested in getting more involved in the MFT profession in Tennessee. Signing up will give you access to our mentor list and also will let us know if there are areas in which you may be interested in working or volunteering. By being connected with more of our clinical members you can be better engaged in knowing about career opportunities in your area, connecting with potential supervisors, and ways you can give your time to make a difference in Marriage and Family Therapy, whether that means getting involved in advocacy or volunteering to help with conferences and regional workshops.

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