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TNAMFT Virtual Conference- 2019

The World of Private Practice

Business Structure, Marketing, and Ethical Considerations


Presented by

L. Gordon Brewer, MEd, LMFT  -  The Practice of Therapy Podcast


S. David Hall, PsyD, LMFT, LPC/MHSP  -  PsychMaven

***Important Note***

Due to an unexpected passing of a close family member, the presenters for this conference are not available to present this as a live event. Instead, we have uploaded videos from past trainings and webinars that Gordon Brewer and David Hall have done covering the same material and it can be viewed at several webinar times. Continuing Education (CE) credit is still available for those who participate. We apologize for any hardship that this might create for our attendees.


When many of us think of our work as therapists, the setting of being in our own private practice is often the image we land on. This image may be where we currently find ourselves, or something we might think about for our future. But whether you are already in private practice or hope to be me one day, there are many in and outs to this business where we would all enjoy some help. This daylong conference, led by two private practice owners, will over guidance in effective business structures and marketing.


The day will also include three (3) hours of ethics continuing education (for Tennessee LMFTs, LPC/MHSPs, and LCSWs) on ethical issues in private practice; such as advertising, dual-relationships, fee-splitting, and more. Those who register will be connected to email for both PsychMaven and The Practice of Therapy Podcast, but know you can unsubscribe at anytime.

The conference is free for all TNAMFT members and other clinicians to attend. We will be taking donations to help support professional advocacy our association in Tennessee. We are suggesting donations of $75 for licensed clinicians, $35 for pre-licensed clinicians, and $15 for student. Also, their will be $35 fee for those wanting continuing education certificates and/or documentation.

Click Here To Donate for Tennessee Professional Advocacy (choose "Donate to PAC" under "Location" tab)

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Click Here to Pay for CE Certificate (choose "Donate to PAC" under "Location" tab and add the "Invoice Number" as "12062019CE." The amount needs to be set at $35)

Handouts for Webinar Series

  1. Ethical Codes in Private Practice (PDF download)

  2. Navigating the Business Side of Private Practice (PDF download)

  3. Knowing Your Numbers in Private Practice (PDF download)

  4. Business Entities in Private Practice (contact for more info)

  5. Marketing in Private Practice (PDF download)

    1. W.O.M. Flyer Template (Word Doc Download) ​


World of Private Practice:

                                5 Part Webinar Series


Live Webinar

December 6, 2019- Starting at 10am Eastern Time (9am Centrel Time)

Repeat times (click to see)

December 7, 2019- Starting at 10am Eastern Time (9am Centrel Time)

December 13, 2019- Starting at 10am Eastern Time (9am Centrel Time)



Free Attendance for all. $35 processing fee for those who attend both sessions and who are wanting continuing education certificates and/or documentation (CE's only award to those who attend both sessions).

TNAMFT will also like to ask for donations for our advocacy fund. Click here to donate.


L. Gordon Brewer, MEd, LMFT - The Practice of Therapy Podcast


S. David Hall, PsyD, LMFT, LPC/MHSP - PsychMaven 

Click Here to Register for 5-Part Series

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